Frequently asked questions

Advice and answers from the 330 Guru team

This guide answers the most common Frequently Asked Questions customers may have while using the 330 Guru platform.


Table of Contents

Urgent Help

Will I be working with a dedicated support manager?

Yes, for Urgent Help you will be provided with a dedicated support manager that will be the “point-person” between you and the consultants to ensure you always have the answers to your most pressing questions.

I’ve been denied for a critical grant, can you help?

The 330 Guru consultants are able to help you properly prepare the finance documents, certifications, training and other elements necessary to re-apply for the grant.

How long does a mock site visit take?

Mock operational site visits normally take 2-3 days to complete. Teams of 1-3 consultants work with your team on-site or virtually to ensure that you are provided with the insight needed to pass audits.

CFO Coaching

Strategy & Planning